Vierailuluento/Guest lecture: ”The State of Transatlantic Relations in the Age of Trumpian Populism”


10:00 - 12:00

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Turun yliopiston poliittisen historian oppiaine järjestää vierailuluennon yhteistyössä Schuman-seura ry:n ja Konrad Adenauer –säätiön kanssa maanantaina 11.12. klo 10-12 PUB4-salissa. Dustin Dehez luennoi aiheesta The State of Transatlantic Relations in the Age of Trumpian Populism. 

Tilaisuus on avoin kaikille kiinnostuneille. Tervetuloa!

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Unit of Contemporary History organizes a guest lecture in cooperation with The Schuman Society in Finland and Konrad Adenauer Foundation on Monday December 11, 10-12, lecture hall PUB4Dustin Dehez lectures on The State of Transatlantic Relations in the Age of Trumpian Populism.

 The lecture is open for public. Welcome!

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The election of Donald Trump is likely to emerge as a watershed moment in transatlantic relations. Promoting a new kind of isolationism during his campaign, Trump cast doubt on the United States’ commitment to NATO and America’s traditional European allies, promoted protectionism and called for an end to American exceptionalism. All this under the banner of putting “America first”.

The irony, however, is that calling NATO “obsolete” is not a uniquely Trumpian sentiment. In fact, Western European leaders have made similar statements in the past, casting doubt on their commitment to NATO. When Germany’s foreign minister was asked about NATO manoeuvres in Eastern European NATO states, he called the exercises provocative, conveniently ignoring the evolution of the broader security context since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In the same vain, protectionist sentiments are widespread across Europe, both in traditionally Social Democratic circles and the populist right. So while breaking with traditional values and casting doubt on the transatlantic alliance, Trump is forming a transatlantic populist coalition, promoting the likes of the UK Independence Party in Britain, Marie le Pen in France among others.

Whether this new transatlantic coalition will come to override the traditional alliance, will depend on a number of factors: the momentum of populist movements in Europe, the willingness of European leaders to pre-empt the populist surge through reforms and, ultimately, on whether Trump will be able to re-make the American political system in his image.

Mr. Dustin Dehez is Managing Partner at Manatee Global Advisors GmbH, an international strategy consultancy, focused on emerging and growth markets, business intelligence, and security. He is a member of the Young Atlanticist Working Group of the Atlantic Council of the United States (ACUS) and until 2016, he was also a member of the Young Foreign Policy Working Group of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation. His first book was published by random house in 2013 in Germany. He has published in various journals, among them American Foreign Policy Interests, African Security, Foreign Affairs.